We asked translators and interpreters what tools or technologies they enjoy the most in their professional life. Here's what they had to say. Interviewees: Barbara Mendes, Judy Jenner, Érika Lessa, Patrick Weill, Cris Silva, and Jennifer Flamboe.

In celebration of International Translation Day on September 30, here's a video based on a phone conversation with a potential client who thought our quote was outrageous.

This video is about those little distractions that freelancers working from home have to face every day and what you can do to avoid them. I'm also curious about how many tabs you have open at all times on your browser... I counted 17 total!
Here are four ideas on how to fight stress and live a more balanced life if you're a freelancer
Here are some ideas on how to put a business plan together and give direction to your career.

Do you have a pleasant voice and good pronunciation? Have you ever translated something that was meant to be read aloud? Why not think about becoming a voice over artist?!

What do freelancers do when they get sick? Here are some thoughts on health-related scenarios that could keep you away from your computer and ideas on what you can do when you have to take unpaid time off. 

Here's an idea for the new year: Write a cover letter template to save time when introducing yourself to potential clients! Also, have you stopped to calculate your average output? I'm sharing some tips on both topics for you to start out 2016 on the right foot!

What it's like losing a client and how you can diversify your services to minimize the ups and downs of the translation industry.

Why attending professional events is important to your career and your sanity. Just don't be a whiner when interacting with people, okay?!

Why you have to keep your translator's brain on, even during your leisure time, so you can acquire vocabulary and improve your language skills.

Ideas to keep your native language fresh, even if you don't live in a country where it is spoken, and a reminder for translators to use languages well AT ALL TIMES.

Learn how to name translated files and use standard language codes, according to the ISO norms.