The Challenges of Translating a Holocaust Survivor's Memoir

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 58th Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. ― October 27, 2017


The speaker explores the challenges of translating Nanette Blitz Konig’s memoir Eu Sobrevivi Ao Holocausto from Portuguese into English (pending publication). The process of researching quotes originally written in English and making sure the vocabulary is faithful not only to the author’s account, but also to the many audiovisual materials available, is discussed throughout the session.

DotSub: Online Platform for Basic Transcription and Subtitling 

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 57th Annual Conference in San Francisco ― November 5, 2016

Have you ever turned down a subtitling project because your client didn’t have a script in document format and you had no idea where to start? Have you tried transcribing an audiovisual file in Word and gotten frustrated with the task of manual time-coding it? Well, there’s a simpler way around projects of this nature! In this session, you’ll learn about DotSub, a free online platform that helps you transcribe and translate subtitles on the fly. It includes a synchronization feature, so you can generate an accurate, time-coded file in several different formats currently used in the subtitling industry.    

Dad Is Cool and Mom Rocks: A Wild Ride Translating a Husband-and-Wife Book Series on Parenting

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 57th Annual Conference in San Francisco ― November 4, 2016

Dad is Cool and Mom Rocks is a collection of short stories about parenting written by Brazilian journalist and radio personality Marcos Piangers and his wife, Ana Cardoso, who is also a journalist and women's rights activist. The speaker will read from the books and discuss how the Portuguese>English translation was challenging in some areas (dynamic writing style, colorful descriptions, a few local expressions) but extremely rewarding in others. While these stories are about raising two young daughters in Brazil, the events narrated by the author translated easily into English with minor language adjustments, proving that parenting is indeed a universal experience.

Swordfish: A Cross-Platform CAT Tool

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 56th Annual Conference in Miami ― November 6, 2015

The presenter will walk attendees through a translation project, step by step, using Swordfish―a computer-assisted translation tool that is platform independent and works in Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Attendees will learn about the file format used by Swordfish and how this tool is compatible with other CATs in the market. Several concepts, including translation memory, terminology database, tags, concordance search, and side-by-side preview will be reviewed during the presentation.

O papel do tradutor na nova era da publicação digital

Associação Brasileira de Tradutores (ABRATES) ― VI Congresso Internacional de Tradução e Interpretação ― 6 de junho de 2015

Na nova era da publicação digital, os tradutores podem deixar de ser uma peça a mais no quebra-cabeça das grandes editoras para se tornarem um parceiro importante nas iniciativas independentes de tradução editorial. Esta palestra tem o intuito de debater a relação entre os tradutores e os escritores autopublicados, além da possibilidade de o próprio tradutor publicar seu trabalho independentemente. O objetivo é ampliar o que foi abordado no artigo Translators and Self-Published Authors — A Partnership for the New Digital Publishing Age escrito pela palestrante para a revista ATA Chronicle em abril de 2013.

Com o advento das plataformas de autopublicação —tais como para livros impressos sob encomenda (POD) e Kindle Direct Publishing, da Amazon, e Smashwords para os formatos digitais— os escritores têm deixado de lado os intermediários (agentes literários e casas editoriais). Os autores agora podem oferecer seus livros diretamente para o público leitor usando o poder da mídia social tanto para encarar críticas ferrenhas, como para aproveitar os louros da glória depois de conquistarem seus fãs fiéis.

Considerando essa mudança no paradigma, o papel dos tradutores editoriais também mudou. Em vez de esperar por um projeto designado por uma editora, agora temos a alternativa de colaborar com esses escritores independentes para que seus livros sejam lidos um público internacional. Além disso, os próprios tradutores podem publicar o material que traduziram ou escreveram, encarregando-se ainda das demais etapas do processo editorial, incluindo formatação, publicação e marketing.

Profiling The New Generation Of Translators

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 55th Annual Conference in Chicago ― November 8, 2014

Based on four years of observation teaching "Tools & Technology in Translation" as part of the English/Spanish Translation Certificate Program at the University of California, San Diego Extension, the speaker will discuss the profile of a new generation of translators joining the industry in the digital era. Attention will be paid to how newcomers see the role of professional translators, what their expectations are regarding the current market, what knowledge they seek to acquire, how familiar they are with computer-assisted translation tools, and how comfortable they feel when it comes to marketing their services online and offline.

How To Self-Publish Your Translations

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 55th Annual Conference in Chicago ― November 8, 2014

If you hold the copyright to a book translation, what is the next step you must take to publish and distribute it to your target audience? In this session, you will learn more about what online tools are currently available for you to self-publish your translations as eBooks and print-on-demand paperbacks. We will also discuss ideas on cover design and marketing strategies to spread the word about your work and increase readership.

Interpreting The World Of Technology And The World Wide Web

California Federation of Interpreters (CFI) ― Seminars in San Diego ― February 22, 2014

Interpreters will learn how to harness the Internet as a powerful research and marketing tool. Participants will learn how to develop their own technology and Internet glossaries to aid them when faced with “new” terminology. Terminology and vocabulary to be discussed will include, blogs, social networks, websites and the meaning of seemingly “simple” words which have developed specialized definitions within the meaning of the electronic and technology age. This workshop is intended to demystify the “secret” language of the World Wide Web to turn it into manageable vocabulary which Interpreters will be able to use in their own target language.

Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories:
Translating Authors From Brazil Into English And Spanish    

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 54th Annual Conference in San Antonio ― November 8, 2013

The Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories website is a literary translation effort created in 2011 to promote Brazilian literature in English. In 2013, a sister site, Cuentos Brasileños de la Actualidad, was created to publish the same content in Spanish. Attendees will learn more about the project and see examples of short stories that have presented some challenges. Topics will include how to accommodate for a variety of subjects and styles from authors coming from different parts of the country, as well as how to convey all of the color and flavor of the Portuguese spoken in Brazil.

Translators And Self-Published Authors:
A Partnership For The New Digital Publishing Age

American Translators Association (ATA) ― 54th Annual Conference in San Antonio ― November 8, 2013

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the publishing industry. An increasing number of authors are now making their work available to readers through online and print-on-demand platforms, cutting out the publisher as the middleman. The most ambitious among these authors have turned to translators to help them expand their readership across borders, languages, and cultures. This speaker will discuss her own experiences helping self-published authors make their books available to foreign markets. Attendees will learn about making initial contact with authors, the negotiation process, marketing assistance, language awareness, and the efforts to build an audience.