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Welcome to my professional website. My name is Rafa Lombardino and I have been a translator since 1997. I'm currently the CEO of Word Awareness, Inc.―a small network of professional translators established in California in 2004―and also act as a translation instructor and webinar host.

I was born in Brazil in 1980 and moved to California in 2002, where I now live with my husband and two children. I graduated from Technical High School in 1997 with an Associate's Degree in Computer Sciences, emphasis on Data Processing. I finished college in 2002, with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Communications, majoring in Journalism.

I specialize in IT, Business, Advertising, and Marketing translations, but my passion for literature has taken me down a less technical path and I coordinated a project called Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories (CBSS), which was dedicated to promoting Brazilian authors abroad. Additionally, I've been teaming up with self-published authors and small publishers to translate books into Portuguese and English. I also enjoy volunteering as a translator for causes I believe in.

I am certified in English-to-Portuguese and Portuguese-to-English translations by the American Translators Association (ATA) and have a professional certificate in Spanish/English translations from the University of California San Diego Extension, where I currently teach classes on the role of technology in the translation industry.

I published my first book in October 2014. "Tools and Technology in Translation ― The Profile of Beginning Language Professionals in the Digital Age" was inspired by the 10-week class by the same name that I have been teaching at UCSD Extension since 2010.

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