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Express Scribe: Free Transcription Software



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We'll discuss Express Scribe, a free program that you can use to transcribe time-coded audio files and prepare them for translation.


Have you ever received an audio transcription request that needed to be time-coded? If you ever worked on a similar project manually―that is, using the mouse to press play, pause, and rewind and typing time codes from scratch―you know transcription assignments can be a real headache. You will learn how to use Express Scribe in order to control your audio files during transcription and insert time codes by using hotkeys on your keyboard.

Target audience:

Freelancers who would like to offer audio transcription services

Learning objectives:

In this presentation, you'll learn about:

  • » Express Scribe basic features and requirements
  • » How to add audio files to the transcription environment
  • » How to control audio files using hotkeys
  • » How to use hotkeys to enter time codes into a document


None! We'll be covering basic audio transcription skills

Course program:

  • Introduction to transcription projects
    • Verbatim
    • Ready for reading / publication
  • Express Scribe: an audio transcription tool
    • Uploading files
    • Audio controls
    • Useful hotkeys
  • Tips on translating audio files 
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